Influenced by my late father, illustrator and master artist Rafael M. deSoto, I began painting early in life. I studied architecture in NYC and abroad and have had the privilege of working with many premiere talents in the field. Sensitivity to color and light is foundational to my approach to space planning and to my painting style as well. I see the facade of a building as I do the paper or canvas; concept and potential waiting to be fulfilled.

My paintings tell a story. Be it the ruins of an old church, an unseen detail of the city or an eroded street traveled through the ages, the places I am moved to paint speak to me of what was and, perhaps, what is to come. The history and unique voice of these views begs to be captured before time, the elements and progress silences them forever.

I invite you to share my perspective of the unusual beauty– past, present and future– of which we are all a part. Perhaps, the voices that echo through these unique places will speak to you as they have to me.



DeSoto Family Crest

In the Studio

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